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Pedagogies of Crises Workshop #5, Post-education Project, 17-19 November 2023, Arad

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

This workshop took place at the recently reopened Museum of Art of Arad where I was invited by artist Nita Mocanu and the Doar Maine Association to share some of the tools of museum education and art pedagogy for different ages that I have been using for the past 10 years in art institutions and schools as part of ArtCrowd-Artists in education's concepts and curricula development.

The exercises we used in Arad included mobile drawing, collective portraiture, visual analysis of works in the museum, group movement, childhood memories writing and role play between the pupil-teacher relationship. The final presentations took place in front of chosen museum works and at the end we shared our experiences, reflections and intentions of introducing these tools in the classroom and in the group visits with pupils at the museum.

The participants were art teachers from Arad, master students interested in teaching and visual artists.

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