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"Cretesti Garden as Chinese Landscape" (2022 - )

"Cretesti Garden as Chinese Landscape" is a new project I embarked on at the beginning of 2022, stemming from my recent move to Cretesti village in Vidra commune, a village were my grandparents have lived in and which has been a recurring theme in my work since 2003, in various forms. I will attempt to document the garden next to my studio, taking into account some rules of Chinese traditional ink painting, and at the same time document the changes occurring in the area: as a result of a county road being enlarged in Ilfov county, close to Bucharest, all road trees have begun to be cut down to accommodate the new requirements of traffic and street works, while a new bridge is being built to align with the capital's belt road, creating mountains of earth in the process. That part will be documented in the style of San Shui (Mountain Water) landscapes. Please return for more images.

"Takyrian Empire" (7000 - 5000 B.C.E.)

"Takyrian Empire" depicts a mythical society of rat/mouse people living in a matriarchal society a few thousands of years ago. Some of the art they left to us are erotic prayer flags, parade flags and other textiles showcasing their craftsmanship, their Gods-worship and human-animal symbiosis. Female pleasure and desire seems to have been placed at the center of this civilization as a way to prevent wars and violence.

Anthropologists and archaeologists are asking themselves: "Was this an Utopian, perfect society or was it just as flawed as our current civilization? The more they uncover artifacts the more they will be able to answer this and more pressing questions..."

"The Beach (An Erotic Fantasy)" (2019)

This project was inspired by the discourse of the saviour scenarios and gratitude in some pornographic videos, especially home videos, available on the internet. I made this series to explore the relationship between guilty fantasies, the expression of them and the rather minimal presence of female satisfaction in adult movies. Again, do not enter if you are not an adult, very revealing imagery! The works was made especially for an exhibition at GrawBoeckler Garage in Berlin, Germany in 2019. Exhibition images under Exhibitions/Installations

"The Girl with Tentacles" (2017-2018)

"At Sandwich, Delia POPA continues her series of engravings, drawings and paintings Existential mice (2011 – present) in which anthropomorphic characters take on various human roles and communicate with each other, touching on various subjects like feminism or marginality. This time, however, the characters discard verbal communication and take on a physical approach – a fantasy they fully relish and over which, without a doubt, they have complete control. For the moment, The existential mouse doesn't look for intellectual answers anymore, but unapologetically lives them. (Text from "The Girl with Tentacles" exhibition at Sandwich Gallery, Bucharest, 2017.) As of 2020 one of the flags is part of the collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest/MNAC.


More images under "Exhibitions and Installations".

"Studies for Flight to the Moon" (2011)

As a somewhat avid and guilty consumer of astrology and admirer of round objects, I made this series to explore the relationship between mythology, human emotionality and the images we have of planets and stars. Photos taken form the Internet have been transformed into a series of square shaped play. The ornamented table was added for aesthetic purposes only.

"Territory of Fear" (2002-2003)

"Territory of Fear" depicts the slaughter of lambs for Easter and of pigs for Christmas as a Christian-Orthodox tradition. The paintings and artist's books combined expressive painting, for lack of a better term, with documentary photography of these rituals. The project asked questions about the relationship between fear and aggression and about religion as ritualized violence. The multimedia project that included a video and a performance with the audience was first shown at UNA Gallery in Bucharest in 2003 as a solo exhibition.


"Forbidden Dreams (Interior Landscape)" (2001-2002)

"Forbidden Dreams-/ Interior Landscape" was an exploration of female desire. It was inspired by Surrealist art, Freud readings and adolescence. It combined abstracted painted forms with documents of electric polls and photographs of desolate fields and was my thesis exhibition for Bachelor of Arts at UNA Gallery, National University of Arts, Bucharest, 2002.