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teaching and lectures

"Monument to the Unknown Nurse/Garden Gnome" Lectures in "Artists React to War/War in Images" Project, November 2018

Delia presented her work in the context of WWI Romanian women involvement as nurses, soldiers and other roles, in front of high school pupils from Ploiesti and Campina, Romania. Oana Baluta, faculty from SNSPA University Bucharest and Alin Ciupala, University of Bucharest also held lectures on domestic violence and women in WWI respectively.

"Chicago - Bucharest, A Conversation on Art, Publics and Collaboration" Workshop, with Ellen Rothenberg, National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest, Romania, 29th - 30th of June 2010

The workshop focused on collaborative projects and strategies by artists and art collectives for engaging and contributing to the social and cultural environment of their local communities and cities.  Workshop participants were be drawn from all disciplines: art, urban planning, architecture, social sciences and the workshop was intended to attract especially university students.

The program was free and open to the public.

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