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"Self-Portrait as a Falling Tree", performance for video, 5 Min 30 Sec, 2023
A performance for video made in front of Delia's grandparent's walnut tree and the remains of the willow tree's branches Delia had planted in 2010 in memory of her father, taken down by a fast storm on the 14th of July of 2023. It is a response to the massive tree cutting action undertaken by Ilfov county council to pave the way for the enlargement of the county road. Over 3000 thousand trees have been cut so far. The film can also be seen as an `hommage` to Bas Jan Ader.
"The Guide - Seeing Landscape", Bus Guide Performance (1 h), Bucharest-Snagov, Romania, Lectures on the Weather Project, 2022
"Sitting comfortably in your seats, you, the tourists will discover how, the local area has developed from a simple peasant village at the outskirts of a town to an international tourist attraction. From the beautiful Codrii Vlăsiei forests, that no longer exist, to the lovely Bucharest Therme, that frees your spirit and your wallet, to the road kills that happen accidentally not more than 12 times a week, to the Snagov historic Palace that hosts weddings and baptisms every other week, we will discover how this rich heritage contributes to bringing Romania into a green and sustainable future, making her a key player among the most developed countries in the world. Hold on to your keys and sunglasses and join her on the road of time and land travel!" The Bus Guide

"Lectures on the Weather", performances and fieldwork, curated by Anna Smolak. Contributors: Sandra Muteteri Heremans, Klara Hobza, Marx Machines Inc. (Filip Herbert, Anna Olszewska), Goda Palekaitė, Delia Popa, Experimental Station for Research on Art and Life/, 2022, all photos Mihaela Vezentan
"Letters to a Young Gardener", Performance for Video, March-October, Crețești, Ilfov, Romania, 2020 
The artist performs letters received from various European and American institutions where she had applied for teaching and similar positions between 2018 and 2020. Concomitantly she performs seasonal gardening chores, between the months of March and October, in her grandparents' garden and greenhouse where her studio is located. The performance draws parallels between the labour of gardening and the work of an artist, in terms of success and failures of the `crops`. Transformation and the concept of `composting` create a vision of self-healing and resilience.
"The Guide - Seeing History", National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania, 2019

This performance was made as a reflection on Delia's role of cultural mediator and museum educator. Artists are presented as werewolves and recent history as a vampire,  making use of `situationist` tricks to de-stabilise the audience's perception of art and to invite them to question the authority of public institutions.  Part of "Introduction to Romanian Contemporary Art" course at MNAC Bucharest, October 2019

"Unfinished Sympathy", Chelen Amenca project, UNA Gallery, Bucharest, 2014
In summer 2012 Ellen Rothenberg (USA) and Delia Popa (RO) and participated in a cultural exchange project with a Roma family living in a village in the county of Sibiu, a historic area in Transylvania. The reflection on this experience was presented in 2014 at UNA Gallery, Bucharest in form of lecture-performances. Delia's performance tells the story of a werewolf visiting vampires and her difficulties with being a werewolf. The werewolf demonstrates her ability to change and at the end recites popular lyrics of Manele songs. 
"Matonge-Tervuren", Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies, a.pass, and on the streets of Brussels, Belgium, 2012
Durational Performances in the city of Brussels, at the Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren and at a.pass, following the trails of Belgian colonialism in Congo, and its contemporary discourse. Part of a two months residency at Bains Connectives with curator Anca Verona Mihuleț, October-November 2012
I am Gustav von Aschenbach or How to Live Your Eternity in Venice, Romanian Cultural Institute, IRCCU, Venice, Italy, 2010