Girls with Ideas [ Boys and Painting], 2016

This Project, entitled in English "Girls with Ideas [Boys and Painting]", intended to present some vital aspects of contemporary art practice as they are being played out in Romania's capital, Bucharest today and consider how this milieu is different from that of Cluj, a small but active city in Transylvania, Romania. This publication is a document of the entire project.

A Project of ArtCrowd- Artists in Education, supported by AFCN

Secret Life of Houseplants, 2008-2009

A Short Documentary, 35 mm slides and book

"Secret Life of Houseplants" was a mini-documentary that investigated some of the following questions: What are the personal experiences of a plant caretaker with a specific plant? What are the benefits of living with a plant? Why do some people develop a passion for caring for their plants while others do not? What can a camera catch of these experiences?

The final project is a slide projection accompanied by a small book of photographs and 15 interviews of people from 9 cities around the world.

The documentary was shown at the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, 13th edition, Bari, Italy, May 2008,at Teutsch House, Sibiu in April 2009.

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