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Back to the Future - Romanian Design at a Crossroads, Bucharest, 2021

This publication documents the project "Back to the Future- Romanian Design at a Crossroads", a commemorative project for arch. Ion Popa, my father. Edited by Delia Popa, with contributions from Mirela Duculescu, Constantin Flondor and Vanda Maria Sturdza, published by Editura UNARTE, printed by IDEA Design + Print, Cluj. In Romanian and English.

A Project by ArtCrowd- Artists in Education, supported by AFCN

Europa Wonderland/Bodyspace : Citizenship & Territories, Timisoara, 2020

This publication documents the exhibition(s) of the same name, curated by Olivia Nitis and Dana Sarmes at the Garrison Commend, Timisoara, 2020. Edited by Olivia Nitis, produced by Contrasens Association. In English and Romanian.

Girls with Ideas [ Boys and Painting], Bucharest, 2016

This project, entitled in English "Girls with Ideas [Boys and Painting]", intended to present some vital aspects of contemporary art practice as they are being played out in Romania's capital, Bucharest today and consider how this milieu is different from that of Cluj, a small but active city in Transylvania, Romania. This publication is a document of the entire project. Edited by Delia Popa and Giles Elrdridge.

A Project by ArtCrowd- Artists in Education, supported by AFCN. In English.

Dear Money, Bucharest, 2014