"Letters to a Young Gardener", 2020

This is a video made for "Europa Wonderland" exhibition in Timisoara, 13th of October to 13th of November 2020. More soon.

"The Myth of the Eternal Return", 2015

Video made of found footage, clips of videos found online from various international "Heidi" movies. All of the scenes included here are from the moment where Clara learns how to walk. It was made in 2015 during a two months residency in Zurich, Switzerland, just as a new Heidi movie was coming out. It was shown in "Growing Up and Staying Young-Tales of Heidi", Haus zum Palmbaum, Zurich (2015) and in "Being Mountains, Being Sees", Lateral ArtSpace, Cluj, Romania. (2017)

"Matonge - Tervuren", 2 channel video, 2014

Video made after a 2 month residency in Brussels in 2012, at Bains Connectives, with curator Anca Mihulet. Matonge Ixelles is the African Diaspora neighborhood in the Belgian capital and Tervuren is a small town outside Brussels where the Royal Museum for Central Africa is located. The museum had a then unbroken discourse of Belgian colonialism in Congo. Via interviews with Congolese artists we tried to make sense of these two worlds apparently so close to each other. The video juxtaposes our 2012 unbraiding performance with interviews and the Congolese Sape cultural mouvement, a form of artistic resistance to the aftermath of colonialism. Shown in "Dispositions in Time and Space" at MNAC Bucharest, 2014-2015.

"We, Our Friends and Us", 7 channel video, 2013

 We, Our Friends and Us: A Theatre Piece for Multiple Monitors, is an installation that arose from discussions on apparently divergent topics such as civic activism and spirituality, which the artist had with various people from her circle of acquaintances. Made for Salonul de Proiecte, 2011-2013.

PART I, 2012

This is a video made in collaboration with Roma children and their Romanian friends in a village in Sibiu county, Romania. After reading "Momo" by Michael Ende to them (and after having spent time together over a summer), we embarked on a spontanous filmed theater play about princes, princesses and wizards. Video made for "Chelen Amenca" project in 2012. Shown at the Bruckenthal Museum in Sibiu (2012) and part of the "Good Girls" exhibition at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest (2013).

Maan Menelu, 2009

This is a video made in Paris, France, during a residency at the Romanian Cultural Insititute. It consists of the artist performing daily activities in the "city of love" while reciting "Manele", Romanian-Romani pop songs, usually about heart ache and sorrow. Manele are usually not very popular among "elite" citizens. Video shown, among other venues, at the International Centre for Contemporary Art, CIAC, Bucharest (2009) and the 5th Video Art Biennial in Tel Aviv, Israel (2010).

"Pink Elephant", 2007

Pink Elephant (Elephant in the Salon) was made as a creative response to a colleague's installation about the war in Iraq. It was shown as a barber shop monitor video in Erin O'Brian's "barber shop" installation, as part of the 2007 "Text Off the Page" exhibition at Gallery 2, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, in December 2007.

5+20 (WORDS), 2006

This a sound and text only piece made as an introduction to a theater play and consisting only of the presentation of its (im)possible characters. Video made as a response to the new situation of living in the United States of America for a class at the School of the Institute of Chicago. Many thanks to Marcellino Stuhmer.

The sounds are taken from BBC recordings of domestic environments, farm machinery and other everyday sounds used in a theatrical way. Video shown at the "Broken English and the Missing Piece Film Festival" in Goteborg, Sweden (2008), among other venues.

The "Mamaia/Grandmother" Project, 2004-2005

"Nice Day" video and "Three Shots Stories" photograph series shot at my grandparents' farm in rural Romania, near Bucharest. It was first shown at the Postgraduate Thesis exhibition at Goldsmiths College, London in 2005. Shown within "Offset" exhibition at Plan B Gallery, Cluj and the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania (2005) among other venues.

"Territory of Fear" Project, 2002-2004

The Territory of Fear video documents the slaughter of lambs for Easter, a contemporary ritual that symbolically repeats, via the sacrificial lamb, the (self)sacrificing of Jesus. As I had been familiar with this very violent, but not very well known – in all its visceral details – custom, I documented several such Easter time slaughters in a village near Bucharest, where my grandparents had lived all their lives. Video showed, among other venues, at UNA Gallery, Bucharest, Mogosoaia Palaces, Ilfov County, Romania (2003), Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, USA (2008), Oberliht, Moldova (2010) and Aiurart Gallery, Bucharest (2014).

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