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"Self-Portrait as a Falling Tree", HD Video, 2023

A performance for video made in front of my grandparent's walnut and the remains of the willow branches taken down by a fast storm on the 14th of July of 2023. It is also made in response to the massive tree cutting action undertaken by Ilfov county council to pave the way for the enlargement of the county road. According to my calculations over 3000 thousand trees have been cut so far. The film can also be seen as an `hommage` to Bas Jan Ader.

"Crețești Studio Garden", HD, Video, 5 Min, with atmospheric sounds , 2022

This video was made for the 15th edition of the ”One World Romania” documentary film festival, invited by, alongside other artists and groups who have studios in rural areas or have initiated some forms of cultural activities in these spaces. Cretesti studio garden is were I live and work and were my grandparents cultivated the land all their lives. The video captures daily moments in the garden in the month of May, mostly from the perspective of a dog also living on this farm.

"Letters to a Young Gardener", HD, Video, 25 Min, in English and German, with Romanian Subtitles, 2020

The artist performs letters received from various European and American institutions where she had applied for teaching and similar positions between 2018 and 2020. Concomitantly she performs seasonal gardening chores, between the months of March and October, in her grandparents' garden and greenhouse where her studio is also located. Video made for "Europa Wonderland" exhibition in Timisoara.

"The Myth of the Eternal Return", 8 Min., Several Languages, 2015

Video made of found footage, clips of videos found online from various international "Heidi" movies. All of the scenes included here are from the moment where Clara learns how to walk. It was made in 2015 during a two months residency in Zurich, Switzerland, just as a new Heidi movie was coming out. It was shown in "Growing Up and Staying Young-Tales of Heidi", Haus zum Palmbaum, Zurich (2015) and in "Being Mountains, Being Sees", Lateral ArtSpace, Cluj, Romania. (2017)

"Matonge - Tervuren", 25 Min., 2 Channel Video, 2014