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"Pedagogies of crises" Theoretical Workshop, 24- 25.03.2023, Arad, Romania

In the theoretical workshop "Pedagogies of crises" we aim to direct attention to an education that takes the current crises critically into account and is oriented towards a future world. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to design "artistic hypotheses", in other words, projections of possible works of art. Topics such as the great crises of humanity and their reflection in art will be addressed, as well as the effects of critical moments in our personal lives on the artistic imagination and the latter's importance in finding solutions to contemporary crises.

During the workshop a guide will be created both for educators involved in mass education and formal education, as well as artists-teachers and cultural mediators. Artists/Workshop Leaders: Delia Popa, Diana Sergiuta, Laurian Popa

Location: Biblioteca Județeană „Alexandru D. Xenopol” Arad

Part of the Post-Education project and of the Timisoara European Capital of Culture Programme 2023.

full schedule here Delia Popa, Diana Serghiuță, Laurian Popa

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