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"Symptomatic/Asymptomatic" Exhibition, 24 April -6 June 2024, Magma Contemporary, Sfântul Gheorghe, Romania

The event is part of 31th Saint George Day’s.

The group exhibition Symptomatic/Asymptomatic revolves around how the body reacts to threats, viral infections and traumatic experiences that alter the perception of reality as well as intimacy, environmental space and domesticity in each of its cells. Distancing (from others or from parts of one’s own body) takes on an ontological function and can lead to a redefinition of the existential framework, to the extent that schizoid reactions replace healthy reasoning. Rituals disappear (or turn into something else), objects get suspicious while the only safe alternative to eye contact becomes the phone/computer screen. Is this still the world we were raised to live in?With this exhibition, we would like to create an optimal framework to address the problems faced by society as a result of pandemic, post-pandemic and war challenges. Curated by Luciana Tamas

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