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Launch of Post-Education Project, 18 February 2023, Arad, Romania

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

The "Post-Education- Pedagogies of crises" projects has been

launched on February 18 2023, as part of the Opening weekend of Timisoara European Capital of Culture. An exhibition made by students and teachers from the master's programs "Interactive Technologies for Performing Arts and Media", respectively "New Media Design", CINETIC, University of Theater and Film Bucharest, with the title Pixels from a past future ( Pixels from a future past) has been presented at the Museum Complex of Arad, Romania. A visual translation i.e. map of the 2022 project workshops has also been produces and distributed in Arad and Timisoara. I was commissioned by Doar Maine Association and artist Nita Mocanu to write a text for this map, relevant for the discussions we had as a group in the first workshop of the project, in September 2022.

Here is the text (right low corner on the map):

Studios in schools Manifesto (Delia Popa, 2023)

Let's pretend we're all Eminescu and Brâncuși

Let's pretend we're all male and talented

Let's pretend we give education a chance

Let's pretend it's not too late

Let's pretend we're fighting illiteracy

Let's pretend we're fungi and be terrestrial or aquatic

Let's pretend we can be local and global at the same time

Let's pretend we're not anthropocentric

Let's pretend we love all sentient beings

Let's pretend we love plants too

Let's pretend we can teach through art

Let's pretend we are collectively intelligent

Let's pretend we are digitally savvy

Let's pretend we're not a chimera

Let's pretend we are resilient

Let's pretend we can have art studios in all Romanian schools

I will be part of two more events of this project in March and in October 2023,

more details soon.

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