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”Ecology of the After Life” Exhibition, 9 May -1 July 2024, Anca Poterașu Gallery, Bucharest

Anca Poterasu Gallery presents Ecology of the Afterlife, an exhibition that revolves around recurrent and obsessive questions regarding human existence, science, nature's resilience, and the echoes of our actions.

The exhibition serves as a metaphor for the regeneration of life as a whole, exploring not only human existence but also the intricate connections between organisms that sustain life on Earth. From Aurora Kiraly's landscapes to Delia Popa's introspective reflections, Iosif Kiraly's blurring of reality and fantasy, Ioana Cîrlig's documentation of coal miners, and Matei Bejenaru's chronicles of forgotten spaces, Ecology of the Afterlife contemplates the interconnectedness of living beings.

Full curatorial text here

My work ”Letters to a Young Gardener” video, 25 Minutes, 2020, is included in the show. It was filmed in the greenhouse and garden where I work and it shows the life cycle of the garden at the same time as various forms of labour, including applying to jobs above and processing of the results.

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