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exhibitions and installations

GARAGE SALE/[The Great Romania - China Friendship Cafeteria], Sandwich Gallery, Bucharest, 22st of June- 6th of September 2019

Saturday, June 22nd 2019, 13.00 – 22.00

all-day-long opening & special events

Sandwich https://www.sandwichgallery.ro/exhibitions


Artists: Vlad Basalici, Liliana Basarab, Geta Brătescu, Na Buqi, Alexandra Croitoru, Wu Di, Sun Han, Ma Jianfeng, T.K.L., Peng Lu, Zhang Miao, Alexandru Niculescu, Jin Ningning, Daniela Pălimariu, Wang Peng, Dan Perjovschi, Delia Popa, Yao Qingmei, Cristian Răduță, Dan Vezentan, Tan Yingjie, Liu Yue, Xin Yunpeng

The Beach (An Erotic Fantasy), GrawBöckler Garage, Berlin, 13th of June 2019

Delia Popa, Solo Exhibition at GrawBoeckler, Berlin, Germany

13th of June 2019, curated by GrawBoeckler, part of Berlin Traveling Artists program, generously supported by Bezirksamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

 "Monument to the Unknown Nurse" in Artists React to WAR Exhibition, WASP Studios, Bucharest, 2018

Artists: Delia Popa, Aurora Kiraly, Valeriu Schiau, Vasile Rata, Sorin Oncu

Curated by Olivia Nitis,WASP/Working Art Space and Production, Bucharest and several high schools across Romania, 21st of November-15th of December 2018, part of War in Images project, supported by AFCN

The Girl with Tentacles, Sandwich Gallery, Bucharest, 2017

Delia Popa, Solo Exhibition at Sandwich Gallery, Bucharest

29th of June - 21st of September 2017

Girls with Ideas [Boys and Painting], Paintbrush Factory, Cluj, 2016

This Project was intended to present some vital aspects of contemporary art practice as they are being played out in Romania's capital, Bucharest today and consider how this milieu is different from that of Cluj, a small but active city in Transylvania, Romania.  

Artists: Aurora Kiraly, Liliana Basarab, Ioana Gheorghiu, Delia Popa, Raluca Popa

Curated by Giles Eldridge and Delia Popa

Exhibition at Lateral ArtSpace, Paintbrush Factory, Cluj, Romania

Roundtables at Paintbrush Factory, Cluj and at ODD, Bucharest, Romania

10th of June - 30th of June 2016

A Project of ArtCrowd- Artists in Education, supported by AFCN

"Almost Said and Half Done" in Art on Display #2, Bucharest Public Space, 15th- 25th of October 2015