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5+20 (WORDS), 2006

5+20, Video NTSC, 6 Min, 2005-2006, Chicago, USA

This a sound and text only piece made as an introduction to a theater play and consisting only of the presentation of its (im)possible characters. Video made as a response to the new situation of living in the United States of America.

The sounds are taken from BBC recordings of domestic environments, farm machinery and other everyday sounds used in a theatrical way.

The "Mamaia" Project, 2004-2005

"Nice Day" video and "Three Shots Stories" photograph series shot at my grandparents' farm in rural Romania, near Bucharest. It was first shown at the Postgraduate Thesis exhibition at Goldsmiths College, London in 2005.

"Territory of Fear" Project, 2002-2004

The Territory of Fear video documents the slaughter of lambs for Easter, a contemporary ritual that symbolically repeats, via the sacrificial lamb, the (self)sacrificing of Jesus. As I had been familiar with this very violent, but not very well known – in all its visceral details – custom, I documented several such Easter time slaughters in a village near Bucharest, where my grandparents had lived all their lives.